August 18th to 21st, 2013 @ Harbor Springs, MI

22 Aug

August 18th, 2013

Another beautiful day that started @ 7:45, getting lazy.  A few phone calls in & out keeping up on things.  Wonderful news about the Mendon Scouts handling the parking @ the property during Kevin Mehan’s big bash.  Seems they profited very well & good for them!

Took off on the bikes about 10:00 A once more trying for Petoskey.  We made it to the outskirts of town, stopped at an interesting grocery store, stocked up & headed back towing 100# of food.  The store owners said it was another 5-6 miles to the Petoskey waterfront & we had traveled 5 miles to get there.  You KNOW we were not going the rest of the way so headed back toward Harbor Springs & stopped at Petoskey State Park & so glad we did.  There were sand dunes & beach sand just like being at Cape Cod.  People were everywhere usually with kids enjoying the fine day, beach & water.  Had lunch there & headed back.  Along the way Bev noticed a sign that gave the mileage along the way & got upset at the small distances until I pointed out the distances were for each segment.  Turned out the total miles from Harbor Springs to where we stopped was over 9 miles & the distance to our abandoned goal was only another 2 ½ miles beyond where we stopped.  We’ll just have to try again tomorrow.  RIGHT, so we pedaled over 20 miles today as Quimby is docked ½ mile or more beyoud the start of the bike trail.  Bev now has a blister on her ass & refuses to take another ride until she gets a pair of biking shorts with the padded tush.

Off to the ice cream shop again tonight ONLY because you know who promised we would be back.  We expect the scales to show us 2# lighter tomorrow.

This marina seems very unusual.  There are many very large boats docked here much bigger than ours yet almost none have left the dock this weekend & no one is aboard them.  Not at all like Wickford where the owners are usually aboard if not out on weekends.   Even the larger sailboats on moorings are unused & unoccupied, yet the harbor is full of small power & sailboats being used everywhere

August 19, 2013

Still at Walstrom Marine & will be for a few more days by all appearances.  Today was “work on Quimby” day.  I dropped the dinghy in the water & ran her to the launch ramp to be hauled for repair.  She has a 3” rip in the top forward edge of the bow which is not good but she will be fine.  Bev did the laundry while that was going on.  Next I repaired & replaced some small items on Quimby & removed the gyro cover while Bev picked up, vacuumed etc.  We are unable to trace the parts beyond the Malaysain border & not happy.  The parts should be in the US by now.

August 20th & 21st, 2013

And still waiting at Walstrom Marine with no news on the parts since the 16th & very frustrated.  We will likely take a few days away from the boat to relieve the anxiety of waiting.


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