September 17, 2013 – Leland to Frankfort, MI

18 Sep

Rough day today.  Left Leland @ 9:15 A heading out into 0 – 2’ waves.   Around 10:30 the waves were 2 – 4’ & by noon they were 4 – 6’ when we realized the forecast was for 15 – 25 mph winds from the south with 4 – 6’ waves with an occasional 9’ wave, WHOO!  It was a very wild ride & No Gyro, in fact so bad Bev disappeared down back & don’t you think I wish I had my pilothouse chair back on board?  You Know Who talked me into bringing it home a couple weeks ago because ‘I’m spending all my time up here with you so you don’t need it & it takes up to much space”

Made it to Frankfort, MI about a 38 nm ride by 3:00 PM – not bad.  Frankfort is a nice town with a beautiful beach & harbor entrance.  There is a huge park running the whole length of Main Street between it & the water where we are docked.  We counted 11 swans swimming in the harbor while walking the town.  Bev bought a new cookbook & numerous other things.  Then she looked over the cookbook & decided she needed some groceries to make some of the recipes so off we go to buy them & didn’t we walk right by (almost) a smoked fish & smoked fish sausage store “That Will Ship Anywhere”.  “STOP RIGHT HERE” says Em.  We got smoked salmon, smoked sausage, smoked salmon parte’, smoked bacon, special crackers, cherry butter & just about everything else they had THEN we went to the grocery for Bev.

Had a great meal on board of smoked pork chops we bought at the farmer’s market in Harbor Springs after which we went for another walk around town, this time with the camera & grateful all the shops are closed.

Em & Bev


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