October 2nd, 2013

4 Oct

We are stuck here now because we are fogged in and it is 9:30 so by the time we can get going, we will have lost all we made up yesterday.  We want to get off the Illinois River, but I know the Mississippi will be worse & I am afraid that the Ohio will be just a bad.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally departed @ 10:00 A so only made 55 miles stopping @ 5:30 PM. & had a great supper of smoked fish sausage on the grill. WOW!

If we ever find a place with a good wi-fi access you will see what I mean but Bev just can’t stop herself.  Every time we passed a barge (usually going the other way) the Asian carp come flying out of the water often smashing into the boat.  Thanks to our high freeboard they have not come into the boat yet but Bev can not stop taking pix of them, over 100 so far  course she is not quick enough to get them in the lense usually.  Now she has read how to take videos to be sure & catch tnem.  That is tomorrow’s project.

Passed many barges going both directions & were passed by 2 trawlers heading south.  We passed 2 loopers yesterday who haven’t caught us yet.  Can’t believe that.

Anchored out @ mile 86.4 just off the river hopping not to get run down during the night.


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