November 1st, 2013

4 Nov

What a day!  Yesterday was as predicted with 25 mph winds, higher gusts & rain all day, sometimes torrential but today was blue skies, sunshine & 70 degrees or more.  The scenery was georgeous all day.  We passed 5 barges today, the first since leaving the Ohio River but none as large as on the Mississippi.  Saw lots of ducks, coot & pelicans but no mamals.  We anchored behind Kelley Island, Decaturville, TN & what a pretty spot.  Had meatloaf, string beans, zuccinni & tomatoes on the top deck while enjoying the scenery.  There were some beautiful homes along the shore today but what seemed like 90% of the waterfront is government owned being part of the Tennessee Valley Association.  People do not like Roosevelt here because of the TVA & all the thousands of people he forced out of their homes with almost no compensation & no place to go.  In fact they hate Obama just as much & think he is the most corrupt bum we have ever had in the White House.  How true!


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