November 19, 2013 – Ingram’s Bayou to Ft. Walton, FL

27 Nov

We got going around 8:00 today.  Cool day but nice.  Piloted from pilot house all day.

We were going to anchor out again, but Arch found free docking at Ft. Walton so we pulled in their.  Arch had just moved his boat to the inside when I noticed this beautiful 80’ boat coming in to tie up.   We helped them tie up and they just fit on the face dock with us.  Then their friends in a 55’ boat rafted off them.

I asked if they wanted to come over for drinks.  They did, but brought their own.  I noticed that when we have dock tails, everyone brings their own drinks and usually apps.

They were really interesting to talk with.  The captain and his mother in the 80’ boat come from Lake Superior and he takes it to Florida every winter and charters it out.  He has made the trip back and forth about 30 times.

Arch, Em and I had a delicious dinner at Marigolds Restaurant in Ft. Walton and then off to bed.


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