November 24th & 25th, 2013 – Duneden, FL

27 Nov

Today the 24th we slept until 8:00am today,  12 hours sleep felt good.

We were planning to clean the boat today because we were to tired when we arrived yesterday.  However, just as Tom predicted the winds have picked up and it got a little chilly.  Nothing like you have it up north though.

I washed the woodwork down inside the boat until I was sick of it and them started catching up on the blog.  This is the first marina in a long time that has good reception to the internet on the boat.  However their facilities as far as showers and bathrooms leave a lot to be desired.  Just as Turners in Mobile, this marina does not have adequate facilities for all the slips they have.  Em was real lazy today & only stowed stuff & picked up then he fiddled with the computer & iPhone etc.  What a waste!

We are glad we crossed the Gulf when we did because now there will not be another window for at least a week if then.  Very high winds, glad we are not out in it.

We are more than half way done our loop and we are looking forward to spending the winter in Florida.

Nov. 25th – Today we really did clean the boat after shopping, breakfast & such but we did not get the top deck done.  Left something to do tomorrow morning.  Great roast beef supper on boat, the first on board night meal in a long time, right Bev?


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