March 4 through March 12th – 1st week back at Harbortown Marina

13 Mar

We are finally coming off yesterday’s devastating battle with Cracker Boy Boat Works.  What a terrible & totally unnecessary day.  It is wonderful to be back @ Harbortown Marina.  The Andersons suggested we say hello to their friend Dirk whom they met here last year when they bought their boat.  I stopped by Tuesday & we invited him over for chicken cachatori tonight, Wednesday.  He is such an interesting person with a family involved in more facets of life than you can imagine.

Poor Quimby has suffered dearly at our hands.  That water impeller trouble in Canada has lead to extensive issues needing repair.  The entire exhaust system is being replace from the engine header back to & including the muffler.  The exhaust elbow alone is SS custom made @ $1300.  The hose from the water pump to the exhaust  & both oil lines at the front of the engine are being replaced due to age.  One of the oil lines had chaffed through leaking oil on the alternator belt & throwing it all over the front of the engine.  We can’t believe how lucky we are not to have had more serious problems along our way.  The engine work started on the 20th of Feb. & with any luck will be finished Monday March 10th.

We have enjoyed having a car to run here & there buying things for the boat, visiting the Parkinsons for cards, eating out & going to the beach.  Unfortunately we must return the car tomorrow & resign ourselves to foot, bike, kayak & dinghy power.  Maybe we will then get some exercise.  Vicki arrives tomorrow & we are pensively looking forward to her visit.

Happy birthday Beverly! Today is March 6th & Bev has turned 39 again.  We finally were able to download the pix to the blog & sort them out.  Vicki arrived about 4:30 PM having been delayed by heavy rains & tornado threats.   We had a great visit with Vicki including dinner @ the Harbortown Restaurant.

Friday was a tough day, warm in high 70’s but wind of at least 30 MPH all day.  We wanted to wash Quimby but the weather was to nasty so stayed inside, read & napped. Today,

Saturday we head for the Farmers Market on our bikes & lunch/supper @ Harbortown again.  On the way to the market we saw 3 – 4 manatee in the creek that runs beside the marina, saw & took pix of one at the farmer market marina & saw one more immediately in front of the marina restaurant deck.

Sunday we headed for town for breakfast.  Along the way Bev took ANOTHER toss on the bike dropping the bike & falling on both knees getting bad bruises.  We had hoped to eat @ the bakery but it was closed so we found a quaint small place across the plaza.  Upon return Em washed Quimby & we did laundry.

Monday March 10th we were around the boat dealing with the mechanics, Rich & Ben, trying to find the end of our exhaust problems.  The problems started at the engine header & finally ended at the fiberglass tube that protrudes through the hull, meaning the whole thing.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 11 Em replied to a bloger on AGLCA to answer his question about stabilization.  The owners of the AGLCA site asked Em to take part in their weekly radio talk show this Friday concerning our experience leading to installing our gyro.  That should be interesting.  We relaxed @ the pool this PM between dealing with Spooky’s tax issues.


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